Programmer’s life at – Interview with Nick Craver

This is a continuing series about “What programmer’s day in life looks like”. Last time I had an interview with Chris Smith, who is Tech / Lead Manager at Google. This time it’s the turn for another amazing internet company – StackOverflow and I was lucky to catch Nick Craver for a quick interview about his daily life. Don’t forget to check out his blog and follow him on Twitter. Continue reading

Programmer’s life at Google – Interview with Chris Smith

Hey! Sure programming is cool and demand for tech geeks is higher than crack these days. But have you ever wondered what programmer’s day actually looks like? Well I did, so I went to Twitter and got hold of 3 brilliant programmers – one from Google and two from StackOverflow. They told me what they do every day, what are their most and least favourite parts of their job and even shared how their workspaces look like. The first person I’ve approached was Chris Smith and he kindly agreed to do an interview with me. Very, very warm and approachable guy. Unfortunately his blog is open to invited readers only, but you can always follow him on Twitter! And now,  let me introduce: Continue reading

9 Ways to learn to code with PHP

When we try to learn a programming language, there always is a annoying question floating around in our mind – “what should I do next?”. We try a few tutorials, skim through a book and we feel completely puzzled.

Everyone goes through this. The only way out is to keep believing that you can do this and just fight your way through this. It is possible, but to make this journey easier, I’ve put a list of ideas how you can learn to code with PHP. Continue reading

This is how I learnt web development [Treehouse Review]

If you ever tried to learn to code, whether to start your own business or to land a better job, you know it’s difficult. I know this, because I’ve been trying to learn web development for the last year or so.

It’s difficult because of a few reasons:

  • It’s not very clear where to start
  • Everyone suggests to “build a project”, but you don’t have any ideas
  • Books are rather boring
  • Many free courses teach booleans, strings, variables, functions and objects
  • After a while these “fundamental courses” become quite easy, but you still don’t know how to actually build something

My journey started with the Codecademy

I've completed the JavaScript course, Youtube Api and most of the Box api

I’ve completed the JavaScript course, Youtube Api and most of the Box api


After trying out Codecademy, which was pretty good, I still wanted to build websites, code apps and make things for the web. I just didn’t know how take all these if’s and functions() and objects they taught me in the Codecademy and use them in the real world application.

It changed when I found TeamTreehouse

But let me explain everything in more detail…

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9 Hand-Picked Time Saving Cheat Sheets For Web Designers & Developers

Having cheat sheets is handy. The most important information is neatly packed in one place, which means you don’t have to go around the web searching for little bits and pieces of code and constantly thinking if you haven’t forgot anything. Here are my favorite cheat sheets that make web design and development a lot easier.

#1 SEO cheat sheet from Moz (2013 edition):

moz seo cheatsheet

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[Hacker’s Library] – 500+ free books for programmers

Victor Felder from Switzerland has created a free programming book list with more books on every topic of computers than you will ever have time to read all of them (you’re not supposed to!). Here’s a full table of contents of this resource list:

500 programming books table of content

So grab your favorite hot beverage and get to reading! Here’s a link:


two cars - one old and wrecked the other looks like new in comparison

What marketing actually is

Marketing is always a little misunderstood concept by many people. Mostly because the only part the majority of people understand is advertising. If you are marketer, you must be doing adverts and make people buy stuff they don’t want. A liar, a con men, some sort of voodoo shaman you must be.

Well, not exactly.

Let me tell you how I see marketing and after 2 years of Marketing studies I should be able to explain what marketing actually is. Continue reading

Overcoming writer’s block

I’ve actually had this writer’s block for quite a while. Especially last year at the University, when I had to write essays about some boring topics. That feeling when you don’t know where to start and what to tell is (almost) painfully disturbing.

This blog post is actually the first writing I did in weeks after having a huge writer’s block. Here are a few good tips that might help to overcome your’s. Continue reading