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Programmer’s life at – Interview with Nick Craver

This is a continuing series about “What programmer’s day in life looks like”. Last time I had an interview with Chris Smith, who is Tech / Lead Manager at Google. This time it’s the turn for another amazing internet company – StackOverflow and I was lucky to catch Nick Craver for a quick interview about his daily life. Don’t forget to check out his blog …

9 Ways to learn to code with PHP

When we try to learn a programming language, there always is a annoying question floating around in our mind – “what should I do next?”. We try a few tutorials, skim through a book and we feel completely puzzled. Everyone goes through this. The only way out is to keep believing that you can do this and just fight your way through this. It is …

10+ Php projects for beginners

Here is a list of project ideas for PHP beginners. Learning a programming language can sometimes be a little tricky, having a project helps you to structure your learning and get extra motivation. To-do list. Make a simple web app where you could add, mark as completed and delete to-do items.

9 Hand-Picked Time Saving Cheat Sheets For Web Designers & Developers

Having cheat sheets is handy. The most important information is neatly packed in one place, which means you don’t have to go around the web searching for little bits and pieces of code and constantly thinking if you haven’t forgot anything. Here are my favorite cheat sheets that make web design and development a lot easier. #1 SEO cheat sheet from Moz (2013 edition):  

[Hacker’s Library] – 500+ free books for programmers

Victor Felder from Switzerland has created a free programming book list with more books on every topic of computers than you will ever have time to read all of them (you’re not supposed to!). Here’s a full table of contents of this resource list: So grab your favorite hot beverage and get to reading! Here’s a link: