How hard is L’Oreal numerical test and how to pass it

Numerical tests are just like any other test you’ve had in your life. You can successfully ace them if you know how. Allow me to explain.

How hard is running a marathon?

Very hard, if you train a little. Impossible, if you don’t train or don’t think you can. Everything is in your head. But you could do it, if you put some effort in. 36,672 people did it in London in April, 2012.

Do you have to be math-genius to pass L’Oreal numerical test?

No you don’t. Just as you don’t have to be a professional runner to complete a marathon.

When it comes down to numerical tests it’s all about your ability to quickly read statistical data, histograms and estimate possible answers.

Most of the practice tests are very similar. They seem really difficult at first and might take you quite a while to answer, but don’t worry:

1) You will get better after a while, because questions tend to repeat. Once you know how to quickly find ratios, percentages, proportions and read histograms – you will be able to answer them significantly faster.

This is how it looks in real life: (Yes, I am ze master of paint)


First few tests seem hard and you feel like an idiot. But suddenly you start seeing same questions, only numbers are different. Your confidence suddenly skyrockets.

2) In order to pass numerical tests often you don’t need to answer every question. Focus on answering every question correctly rather than answering them all. Disclaimer: always read the instructions first – some tests may require something different.

Where to practice numerical tests?

Website to Practice Aptitude Tests is a good place to start. Questions are quite challenging, make sure you have a piece of paper, pencil or pen and a calculator with you. You will need them.

L’Oreal recommends practicing these tests. Don’t get scared, they are A LOT harder than the actual L’Oreal numerical test.

So, how hard is L’Oreal numerical test and how to pass it? Well, the difficulty depends on how much you practice. Don’t practice and give it a shot – it will be very hard. Or work your heart out and you will pass these tests like Einstein.