How I’m learning to code

I don’t know why exactly, but learning to code for me is somehow really difficult. I know I am smart enough to learn it, I know I want it. But it just doesn’t happen. Maybe because I haven’t found it’s fun yet.

However, I am life-long student and I like to train myself to do various things. I will find the way to make programming fun for me.

There are so many tutorials and courses that “will teach you programming”, but what I’ve found is that they teach you stuff you think you understand. But then it suddenly stops. They teach you variables, loops, conditionals, functions, objects and all the other vital stuff and then…stop. What am I supposed to do with this stuff? How can I actually use it? How all of this works?

That’s what I’m lacking. That’s why I am going to share everything I know, explain it and learn as I go – this will be the guide from the guy who doesn’t know how to program.

Ok, so first – basics.

I will start learning html, css, php and javascript, since they are one of the most used ways to create things online. More importantly, they are relatively easy and surprisingly many people know those well enough to be able to explain any issues.

So, the simple checklist of what I think I will have to learn to be able to create something online.

HTML[good enough]

CSS[good enough]